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  Rent A Cell in Saint Maarten, St. Martin   reservation

Why pay more? Don't pay $2-$3 per minute like other companies may charge you.
Pay only 0.259/min to call USA and Canada and low rates to other countries.

Because your vacation time is limited! No more waiting on long lines to be able to rent a phone or to buy a SIM card. Have your phone delivered to your hotel.

Receive calls with a peace of mind too! We offer you no other company can offer to you: An USA number, so others can call you at low rates as well.

Local presence! Becase we are located and specialized in St. Maarten, you can actually get help in St. Maarten should you need help.

We dare you to compare us with any other company!

  Rent a cell for only US$19.99 per week.  
  Call USA and Canada for only US$ 0.259/min. See our complete rates.
  Receive calls to your phone from USA/Canada for only 0.299/min.
  No roaming charges.  
  Excellent Quality.  
  Lowest international rates worldwide  
  No Activation fees or hidden costs.  


No other company can offer you service with both USA and St. Maarten numbers.
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